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Cloverleaf -Formaldehyde Answer 500mI (Treats 2x 17,500 Ltrs)

Product Code: CLO92MKZ87

Formaldehyde Answer 500mI (Treats 2x 17,500 Ltrs)


Formaldehyde AnswerCloverleaf Formaldehyde Answer

A stronger treatment for use when troubled by persistent problems of protozoan parasites such as white spot, tricodina, chilodonella and costia. Can be used with Malachite Answer as a stronger treatment for parasite problems at a rate of 50% normal dose rate of Formaldehyde Answer to 50% normal dose rate of Malachite Answer.

White spot – cause: Parasite
Symptoms: pin-head sized white spots on fish with clamped fins fish rubbing against solid objects.

Gill and skin flukes – cause: Parasite
Symptoms: rubbing against solid objects can cause heavy breathing may have whitish film over skin.

Costia – cause: Parasite
Symptoms: rubbing against solid objects, fish swim awkwardly with folded fins, rapid breathing.

Chilodonella – cause: Parasite
Symptoms: rapid breathing, whitish-blue opaqueness covering body mainly around eye, head and back.


How to use the Cloverleaf Answer range of pond treatments

1. Calculate the volume of your pond (see section how to find the volume of my pond)
2. Check you have the correct size bottle to treat your pond
3. Remove the red top and foil from the dose chamber (normally marked with measure lines)
4. Squeeze the sides of the bottle until the required amount fills the dose chamber to required measure.
5. Add dose chamber contents to half a bucket of pond water, repeat until correct amount has been added to the bucket.
6. Gently stir to evenly mix in the bucket.
7. Spread bucket contents evenly around your pond.

Once a full course of treatment has been completed do not repeat for 7 days, if symptoms persist we recommend you re assess the original diagnosis before re treating with a follow up dose.
Do not mix treatments leave at least 7 days between last completed treatment course.
Some products can be used below 10°c however the metabolism of disease organisms is reduced and treatment may take longer.
Any discolor to the water will usually biodegrade over a few days.

How to find the volume of my pond

To calculate litres

Measure average length -- average width -- average depth in metric
Multiply the length x width this will give you a total value of m2 multiply this by the depth and you will have a total value of m3 multiply this figure by 1000 (litres in a m3) the final figure is the volume of your pond.


Average length 2.4 meters
Average width 1.2 meters

2.4 x 1.2 = 2.88

Average depth 60cm = 0.6cm

2.88 x 0.6 = 1.72m3 x 1000 = 1720 litres

For imperial gallons measure in feet


Average length 7 ft
Average width 4 ft

7 x 4 = 28 sq ft

Average depth 2 ft

28 x 2 = 56 sq ft x 6.23 = 348 gallons ( one cubic foot of water = 6.23 imperial gallons)
Helpful conversions

1 gallon = 4.54 litres
m3 = 1000 litres
1 meter = 39 inches ( 3 ft 3 inches )
1 cubic foot = 6.23 gallon


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