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Vacuum Extension Pole 8ft (2.4m) - 16ft (4.8m)

Product Code: VACL8OOE39

Vacuum Extension Pole 8ft (2.4m) - 16ft (4.8m)



Norfine Nets have been manufacturing a full range of high standard Koi nets and pond cover nets.

These Norfine Nets are extremely well made and strong.

All Nets and components on these Norfine Nets are British made.

Norfine Nets are easy to use, ideal for small ponds or quarantine systems as well as your main koi pond.


Extending Handle Poles with click-fitting.

Sizes available:

Vacuum Extension Pole 4ft (1.2m) -8ft  (2.4m)

Vacuum Extension Pole 6ft (1.8m) - 12ft (3.6m)

Vacuum Extension Pole 8ft (2.4m) - 16ft (4.8m)




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